For a Universal Learning Income

2015 Started leaning different app for learning languages by 2016 Duolingo was the right choice, I became active in their forums.

2016 -explored different engaging platforms and how they work

We focus on the ones that have organic growth.

2017- started with individual classes and promoting Duolingo with fellows I became Duolingo Teacher in DUOLIGO for Schools

Discover the problem of lack of engagement, Duolingo is trying to solve that with several changes over the resents months.

2018 Feb- I took a course to be authorized by the “Secretaría del Trabajo” to be Qualified Instructor getting the Certification in March.

2018 April -talks with America Mobil and Telefonica to let Duolingo App free. “Wish us luck”

Working with Duolingo to implement a course for English from Non-Language (pure English for Different Dialect speakers communities)

I’m teaching English knowledge Instructors to became Teachers and support with incentives.


2018 May-  We hope to start with our first Institution around 400 users.

 We are launching a campaign to promote English as a Prime Language to Latin America by country.

                2018 May 18  First Venture Capital expect 2 or 3,000,000 pesos for20% to 30% equity.

             The money will be used to form a team, to create incentives contests, Meetups etc. to promote Engagement. Traveling to close deals etc.

End May Schools ---very segregated and political market, so we are dealing with education authorities in slow steps but still working with individual schools. We expect some results to applied next school term.

 2018 Jun -focusing on Meetups in Monterrey a START PROMOTING Exponential English to Institutions basically medium size companies.

2018 Ago -as the result of our campaign in Jun. Schools new term should have a good expectation.

2018 Sep- Deep evaluation of progress (Performance, Incentives, etc.

2018 Oct- Evaluate monetize strategy possible ICO (Initial Coin Offering),

2018 if approved by board and conditions ok. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as a token for rewards

2019 by mid-year we expect to be international.

Scaling solving essential problems by Engagement with incentives is our future but First Things First English.

Updated Jun 9 2018